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2016 Election Day Exit Poll Data

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Presidential Election Part II

Likely more so in this election than most, discussions of candidates were focused heavily on opinions of candidates rather than platforms. For that reason, the Utah Colleges Exit Poll delved deeper into voters’ opinions of the candidates, what was most important to them, and what they would have done had they had a different candidate to vote for.

Regarding voters’ opinions, the two candidates receiving the most populous vote—Trump and Clinton—were actually viewed the least favorably. Interestingly, Mitt Romney and Trump’s VP running mate Mike Pence were viewed the most favorably. Even though Mr. McMullin did not gain the actual vote of Utahns, he still was seen far more favorably than the other candidates

When looking at what was most important to candidates, the issues that most found very important were jobs/the economy and national security. The issues that individuals did not find very important were actually Obamacare and illegal immigration. Another interesting finding was that if an individual found any of the issues very important (e.g. budget deficit, jobs/economy, government regulation, national security, illegal immigration, Obamacare, or the Supreme Court) they were overwhelmingly more likely to vote for Trump. Throughout his campaign, Mr. Trump claimed that even if individuals did not like him, they would still vote for him because of the Supreme Court. He was right. Of those that thought that the Supreme Court was very important, 54% of them voted for Trump.

The key takeaways were really that individuals did not like either of the two major party candidates; however, Utah voters viewed Trump’s stance on most of the most important issues better than any other candidate.

-MaKade Claypool

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