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A big story of the day in Salt Lake was the long lines at polling locations throughout the county. We found that 75% of votes cast today were done in person, while only 25% were sent in early. These results come despite the fact that that 21 out of 29 counties mailed ballots to all the registered voters in their areas. They were expecting much higher turnout by mail, and the low numbers eventually led to longer lines at the polls.

Utah voters have expressed support for voting by mail, which makes their decision to vote in person today a little surprising. 77% of Utahns agreed that voting by mail would be convenient, and 65% say that voting by mail would help them be more informed about the issues and candidates. These numbers seem to offer support to the groups who would like to see vote by mail extended across the state, but the long lines today seem to suggest that people are electing otherwise by their feet.

Another issue that arose in 2016 was debate about the security of the ballots. Earlier this year there were reports about Russian hacking of state election data, but the focus of the controversies has switched to the issue of voter fraud and ballot security. Here in Utah, Democratic Candidate for Governor, Mike Weinholtz, decried the discrepancies in the process for mailing in ballots, claiming that it would confuse voters. Despite this, 54% of voters in Utah were very confident that their ballots had been counted correctly and about 1/3 of voters said that voting by mail would increase fraud.

-Steven Jamieson

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